Personal Injury

Every personal injury case is different and the chance for success varies by the facts particular to each case. I am committed to providing professional attention to my clients and guiding them through the various steps of the legal process. I take most cases on a contingency fee basis which means that my clients do not pay until I win a trial verdict or obtain a settlement.

Do you have the makings of a successful case?
To have a successful case you must show that some person, party, or organization did something or failed to do something that caused you a personal injury or destroyed your property.

Factors which influence your chances of success:
  • Whether an individual, company, or other organization acted in a negligent, careless, or malicious fashion.
  • Whether there is enough evidence to link that action or inaction with your injuries or damages.
  • Whether your attorney can construct a compelling case backed by prior case law, witness statements, expert testimony, and other critical evidence.
Don't speculate on your chances of success
Accident victims or their family members can do themselves a disservice by discounting their potential chance of success. For example, if an at-fault driver is uninsured many victims feel that they will not be able to collect a judgment even if their case is successful. A deeper investigation might reveal that an employer, manufacturer, or other third party bears some responsibility for the accident. Don't speculate - it costs you nothing to contact me to discover whether you have a case.

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